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NORLUG Services Acceptable Use Policies

NORLUG offers free shell/email accounts to those interested. Please respect the privacy of others on the server and do not attempt access to their files/etc.

NORLUG and the server administrators reserve the right to terminate any account, any time, with or without warning, and with or without reason.

NORLUG reserves the right to deny requests for server accounts, with or without reason.

Use of NORLUG Internet services for promoting/causing SPAM is prohibited. The act of SPAM on behalf of NORLUG servers will terminate your account and your will be reported to proper authorities.

If you are requesting a new user account on the NORLUG servers, you must comply with the following rules:

  • Passwords will be generated randomly, and you MUST change it ASAP!
  • Email and shell access are provided via SSH only! You cannot send or receive email unless you are logged into the server via SSH (IE: Mutt, Pine), or via IMAPs. NO telnet access. We do offer SSL-enabled webmail access for both sending and receiving mail.
  • New user accounts which have not changed the supplied password within one week will be deleted, and are not eligible for reactivation. You can always use another free shell provider if this happens to you.
  • Accounts in which become "stale" (unused) for a period of thirty days will be deleted. Accounts that are deleted are not eligible for reactivation.

NORLUG hosts a variety of files made available to the general public. The use of any type of "Download Accelerator" is strictly forbidden. This server will auto-deny anyone attempting to download files using a downloader of that nature. Repeated attempts will get you banned for good, and reported to your provider. Also, using "wget" (or similar tools) in the attempt to mass-download/mirror these files is prohibited. Any attempts to do so will get you banned and you will be reported to your provider.

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