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Please do your absolute best to fill out the registration form fully and accurately. Those who do not register will not be assigned and installer, nor an install time at the installfest.

Note: You do not need to sign up if you just want to come and watch/learn more about Linux.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:

Class of Machine:  
Machine Speed (Mhz):
Current Operating System:

Amount of RAM (Megs):
Type of hard drive:
Disk Space (Gigs):

Video Card Brand:
Video Card Model:
Video Card Memory (Megs):

Monitor Brand:
Monitor Model:
Monitor Size (inches):

Modem Brand:
Modem Type:
Modem Speed:

CDROM Brand:
CDROM Interface:

Printer Brand:
Printer Model:

Sound Card Brand and Model:
Sound Card Type:

Ethernet Card Brand:
Ethernet Card Model:
Ethernet Card Type:

First Time choice:
Second Time choice:

If you think that you would like to try to install Linux yourself, then please change this option to "No". An installer will still be assigned to you to help you if you get stuck and need to ask questions, but this allows you to get more involved in the install process. This is for those who would rather do than watch.
I want help:    YES, please!
No. (I'll be fine alone.)

Give us comments about your system that you feel could be helpful to the installers. Things that you might want to include here are: what type of connection do you have to the Internet? Dialup, ethernet, ISDN, etc. What ISP do you use?:
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