Chip Cuccio's Custom Red Hat 7.3 RPMs

Please be certain to read the notes at the bottom of this page!

I offer multiple ways to acquire my RPMs. For the Mandrake RPMs. it is recommended that you utilize the URPMI repositories. For Red Hat 7.3 RPMs, I offer a Yum repository. If you would like direct access to all of my RPMs, you may download the RPMs manually from the RPM indexes.
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RPM Package (click for package details & download link) File Size
Propaganda-Backgrounds-For-E-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 4.05 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol1-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 1.04 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol10-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 6.11 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol11-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 2.89 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol12-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 3.01 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol13-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 4.07 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol14-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 3.57 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol2-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 332.89 Kb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol3-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 1.14 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol4-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 1.09 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol5-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 1003.8 Kb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol6-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 1.12 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol7-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 1.66 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol8-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 1.42 Mb
Propaganda-Backgrounds-Vol9-2.0-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 1.59 Mb
TinyCA-0.6.1-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 43.86 Kb
WindowMaker-0.80.2-3.norlug.i386.rpm 1.48 Mb
WindowMaker-libs-0.80.2-3.norlug.i386.rpm 326.27 Kb
antiword-0.35-1.norlug.i386.rpm 126.53 Kb
apache-1.3.32-2.norlug.i386.rpm 618.61 Kb
apache-devel-1.3.32-2.norlug.i386.rpm 102.23 Kb
apache-manual-1.3.32-2.norlug.i386.rpm 730.77 Kb
apr-0.9.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 105.36 Kb
apr-devel-0.9.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 401.52 Kb
apr-util-0.9.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 55.63 Kb
apr-util-devel-0.9.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 219.33 Kb
bash-3.0-4.norlug.i386.rpm 1.68 Mb
bittorrent-3.4.2-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 136 Kb
cacti-0.8.6b-5.norlug.i386.rpm 903.17 Kb
cacti-docs-0.8.6b-5.norlug.i386.rpm 379.56 Kb
calamaris-2.58-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 57.9 Kb
centericq-4.12.0-1.norlug.i386.rpm 1.88 Mb
chkrootkit-0.44-1.norlug.i386.rpm 209.66 Kb
clamav-0.80-5.norlug.i386.rpm 656.61 Kb
clamav-db-0.80-5.norlug.i386.rpm 1.33 Mb
clamav-devel-0.80-5.norlug.i386.rpm 136.77 Kb
clamd-0.80-5.norlug.i386.rpm 1.38 Mb
curl-7.11.0-1.norlug.i386.rpm 198.09 Kb
curl-devel-7.11.0-1.norlug.i386.rpm 167.13 Kb
db4-4.0.14-4.norlug.i386.rpm 620.5 Kb
db4-devel-4.0.14-4.norlug.i386.rpm 1.37 Mb
db4-utils-4.0.14-4.norlug.i386.rpm 727.15 Kb
dhclient-3.0.1-2.norlug.i386.rpm 201.77 Kb
dhcp-3.0.1-2.norlug.i386.rpm 540.04 Kb
dhcp-devel-3.0.1-2.norlug.i386.rpm 542.63 Kb
dictd-1.9.7-6.norlug.i386.rpm 266.56 Kb
docbook-style-xsl-1.61.2-4.norlug.noarch.rpm 1.13 Mb
elmo-1.1.0-1.norlug.i386.rpm 964.17 Kb
emacs-21.3-5.norlug.i386.rpm 1.98 Mb
emacs-common-21.3-5.norlug.i386.rpm 9.71 Mb
emacs-el-21.3-5.norlug.i386.rpm 6.99 Mb
emacs-leim-21.3-5.norlug.i386.rpm 2.47 Mb
emacs-nox-21.3-5.norlug.i386.rpm 3.14 Mb
endeavour2-2.4.5-1.norlug.i386.rpm 3.96 Mb
fetchmail-6.2.5-1.norlug.i386.rpm 382.12 Kb
finger-0.17.1-1.norlug.i386.rpm 15.89 Kb
finger-server-0.17.1-1.norlug.i386.rpm 11.09 Kb
fortune-mod-1.0-26.norlug.i386.rpm 1.44 Mb
fvwm2-2.4.19-1.norlug.i386.rpm 1.54 Mb
fvwm2-icons-2.4.19-1.norlug.i386.rpm 85.78 Kb
gd-2.0.22-1.norlug.i386.rpm 115.04 Kb
gd-devel-2.0.22-1.norlug.i386.rpm 72.79 Kb
gd-progs-2.0.22-1.norlug.i386.rpm 21.62 Kb
glibc-2.2.5-48.norlug.i386.rpm 2.97 Mb
glibc-common-2.2.5-48.norlug.i386.rpm 10.67 Mb
glibc-debug-2.2.5-48.norlug.i386.rpm 2.53 Mb
glibc-debug-static-2.2.5-48.norlug.i386.rpm 7.95 Mb
glibc-devel-2.2.5-48.norlug.i386.rpm 2.15 Mb
glibc-profile-2.2.5-48.norlug.i386.rpm 7.98 Mb
glibc-utils-2.2.5-48.norlug.i386.rpm 38.5 Kb
gnupg-1.2.6-1.norlug.i386.rpm 1.64 Mb
gnuplot-4.0.0-2.norlug.i386.rpm 719.51 Kb
httpd-2.0.52-5.norlug.i386.rpm 1.09 Mb
httpd-devel-2.0.52-5.norlug.i386.rpm 133.01 Kb
httpd-manual-2.0.52-5.norlug.i386.rpm 1.49 Mb
libxml2-2.5.11-1.norlug.i386.rpm 639.47 Kb
libxml2-devel-2.5.11-1.norlug.i386.rpm 1.37 Mb
libxml2-python-2.5.11-1.norlug.i386.rpm 436.85 Kb
logwatch-4.3.2-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 65.28 Kb
lynx-2.8.5-6.norlug.i386.rpm 1.48 Mb
mailman-2.1.5-11.norlug.i386.rpm 7.8 Mb
mod_bandwidth-2.0.5-1.norlug.i386.rpm 14.71 Kb
mod_perl-1.29-1.norlug.i386.rpm 808.23 Kb
mod_perl-apache2-1.99_17-1.norlug.i386.rpm 1.81 Mb
mod_perl-apache2-devel-1.99_17-1.norlug.i386.rpm 32.64 Kb
mod_python-2.7.10-5.norlug.i386.rpm 944.71 Kb
mod_python-apache2-3.1.3-5.norlug.i386.rpm 1.01 Mb
mod_ssl-2.8.21-1.norlug.i386.rpm 416.89 Kb
mod_ssl-apache2-2.0.52-5.norlug.i386.rpm 81.78 Kb
mrtg-2.10.15-1.norlug.i386.rpm 1006.81 Kb
mutt- 1.14 Mb
ncftp-3.1.8-1.norlug.i386.rpm 478.19 Kb
nscd-2.2.5-48.norlug.i386.rpm 36.19 Kb
nut-0.45.4-5.norlug.i386.rpm 413.74 Kb
nut-cgi-0.45.4-5.norlug.i386.rpm 47.93 Kb
nut-client-0.45.4-5.norlug.i386.rpm 65.54 Kb
openssh-3.9p1-2.norlug.i386.rpm 218.76 Kb
openssh-askpass-3.9p1-2.norlug.i386.rpm 24.81 Kb
openssh-clients-3.9p1-2.norlug.i386.rpm 317.78 Kb
openssh-server-3.9p1-2.norlug.i386.rpm 193.02 Kb
openssl-0.9.6b-36.7.norlug.i386.rpm 1.35 Mb
openssl-devel-0.9.6b-36.7.norlug.i386.rpm 1.17 Mb
openssl-perl-0.9.6b-36.7.norlug.i386.rpm 23.34 Kb
openssl095a-0.9.5a-25.norlug.i386.rpm 619.04 Kb
openssl096-0.9.6-26.7.norlug.i386.rpm 623.73 Kb
perl-Digest-SHA1-2.01-1.norlug.i386.rpm 14.48 Kb
perl-Locale-gettext-1.01-1.norlug.i386.rpm 11.34 Kb
perl-Mail-SpamAssassin-3.0.1-3.norlug.i386.rpm 541.74 Kb
php-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 3.72 Mb
php-apache2-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 3.75 Mb
php-apache2-devel-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 228.97 Kb
php-apache2-imap-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 604.5 Kb
php-apache2-ldap-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 19.72 Kb
php-apache2-mysql-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 21.94 Kb
php-apache2-odbc-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 26.9 Kb
php-apache2-pgsql-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 37.14 Kb
php-apache2-snmp-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 12.37 Kb
php-apache2-xmlrpc-4.3.9-4.norlug.i386.rpm 40.21 Kb
php-devel-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 229.62 Kb
php-imap-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 587.08 Kb
php-ldap-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 18.35 Kb
php-manual-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 1.29 Mb
php-mysql-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 20.35 Kb
php-odbc-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 25.3 Kb
php-pgsql-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 34.53 Kb
php-snmp-4.3.9-1.norlug.i386.rpm 11.85 Kb
pine-4.61-1.norlug.i386.rpm 2.9 Mb
proftpd-1.2.10-1.norlug.i386.rpm 338.29 Kb
python2.3-2.3.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 6.95 Mb
python2.3-devel-2.3.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 2.2 Mb
python2.3-docs-2.3.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 1.77 Mb
python2.3-tkinter-2.3.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 327.42 Kb
python2.3-tools-2.3.4-2.norlug.i386.rpm 255.14 Kb
rfc-3.2-2.norlug.noarch.rpm 8.21 Kb
rrdtool-1.0.49-1.norlug.i386.rpm 684.37 Kb
rrdtool-devel-1.0.49-1.norlug.i386.rpm 460.42 Kb
rsync-2.6.3-2.norlug.i386.rpm 155.9 Kb
samba-3.0.7-1.norlug.i386.rpm 27.26 Mb
sarg-1.4.1-12.norlug.i386.rpm 115.33 Kb
scponly-3.8-1.norlug.i386.rpm 17.21 Kb
screen-4.0.2-1.norlug.i386.rpm 544.79 Kb
setarch-1.0-1.norlug.i386.rpm 5.07 Kb
sg3_utils-1.06-1.norlug.i386.rpm 353.48 Kb
snownews-1.5.4-1.norlug.i386.rpm 61.87 Kb
spamassassin-3.0.1-3.norlug.i386.rpm 201.64 Kb
spamassassin-tools-3.0.1-3.norlug.i386.rpm 88.09 Kb
spyce-1.3.12_1-2.norlug.noarch.rpm 435.99 Kb
squid-2.5.STABLE7-1.norlug.i386.rpm 1.1 Mb
squidguard-1.2.0-5.norlug.i386.rpm 1.57 Mb
tidy-040514-1.norlug.i386.rpm 322.52 Kb
tkdesk-1.2-18.norlug.i386.rpm 731.92 Kb
twin-0.4.6-1.norlug.i386.rpm 896.02 Kb
vim-X11-6.3-3.norlug.i386.rpm 1.14 Mb
vim-common-6.3-3.norlug.i386.rpm 4.69 Mb
vim-enhanced-6.3-3.norlug.i386.rpm 1.04 Mb
vim-minimal-6.3-3.norlug.i386.rpm 215.28 Kb
vim2html-1.45-1.norlug.noarch.rpm 14.94 Kb
vsftpd-2.0.1-1.norlug.i386.rpm 114.88 Kb
webalizer-2.01_10-3.norlug.i386.rpm 105.33 Kb
whois-4.6.13-1.norlug.i386.rpm 102.63 Kb
whowatch-1.4-1.norlug.i386.rpm 17.26 Kb
xearth-1.1-1.norlug.i386.rpm 124.14 Kb
xfm-1.4.3-1.norlug.i386.rpm 290.76 Kb
xmlto-0.0.18-1.norlug.i386.rpm 23.66 Kb


RPM Support
Please, no support questions regarding these packages. I did not write the software, I only packaged it. If the packages don't work on your system, either learn how to roll your own RPMs, or contact the developer(s) for that piece of software.
Also, note that I do not accept individual RPM requests, so please don't email me asking if I can build any RPMs for you. I simply don't have the time nor the bandwidth to field these types of requests.

DO NOT go into the #norlug IRC channel seeking support for any of my offerings. The #norlug channel is not meant for this purpose! You have been warned.
If you are having issues downloading files;
Downloading files with CLI tools:
I notice many folks attempting to download my RPMs using CLI tools (such as CURL and wget), and failing. This is due to the fact that the URL needs to be contained in quotes (because of special characters in the URL). If you neglect to put the URL in quotes, the download will fail.
Error messages when attempting to download RPMs:
Error 404 - File Not Found errors;
You may encounter a 404 file not found error if the Ibiblio mirror does not contain a newly-created/updated file. Wait a couple of hours and the file should then be available. Note that Ibiblio mirrors my files every two odd hours on the forty-minute mark CST (IE: 09:40, 11:40, etc.).
Error 403 - Forbidden errors;
There are a few reasons why you may be getting “Forbidden” and “Error 403” error messages;
  • Because you are trying to download RPMs with either a Windows client, or a download accelerator.
  • Because you are using Opera (on a non-Windows PC), and are identifying your user agent as “MSIE”
  • Because you are masking/hiding your user agent completely
The reasons for denying access to all of the above scenarios, is because some greedy folks use download accelerators and other tools, wasting valuable bandwidth - and they mask the user agents mostly as Internet Explorer, Windows clients, or nothing at all. To save bandwidth for the nice folks out there, I have been forced to block these various download accelerators, and any Windows clients in general. Windows users shouldn't need RPMs anyway ;-) But if you don't have immediate access to a non-Windows machine, download the RPMs when you do have access to one. If you are masking/hiding your user-agent (which is very rude, BTW), consider unmasking it. If you are behind a proxy of some type, and have no control of how the user agent is transmitted, contact me and I will happily work with you.
The existence of my RPM/URPMI repository is due to the kind folks at Ibiblio. They have graciously offered more server space, bandwidth, and the support of the RPM/URPMI repository. Hats off to the Ibiblio folks!