What to Bring

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What to bring to the Installfest

You need to bring more than just your CPU! NORLUG does not have any extra equipment to lend!

It is also recommended that you bring your own copy of a Linux distribution.

  • Bring your monitor, keyboard, mouse, power cords and a surge protector! You must bring these, of course, otherwise we can't even turn your computer on to install Linux on it! :^)
  • If you have a laptop with an external CDROM drive, you need to bring it. (If you have an external floppy drive, bringing that can help, as well.)
  • Come with a good idea of which Linux distribution you'd like installed. Although NORLUG has copies of many different versions of Linux, our collection is limited - we can't guarantee that we have what you want, nor do we always have the latest version of a distribution. It's very useful to bring your own distro. (Besides, if you have your own copy, you will always have access to the CDs and manuals in case you need to restore, reinstall, or add more software when you're on your own! Most distributions provide tech. support if you bought your copy, too!)
  • If you'd like to configure printing during the installfest, bring your printer.
  • If you want to make sure sound gets configured, be sure to bring speakers or headphones.
  • If you'd like to configure other peripherals (joystick, touchpad, etc.), bring those, too!
  • Bring your manuals. (Especially your monitor's and video card's specficiations, if you wish to install the graphical "X-Window" environment on your system. (You probably will!))
  • If you have a network card, bring one. We hope to have network connectivity at our Installfest location, and can install the latest packages if you want or need to.
  • Bring a good book, GameBoy, or something else to keep you occupied in case things get boring for a while. ;^)

If you have any questions, please contact us.