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Re: [NORLUG] Re: Simple screenshooter?

55 min 36 sec ago
f=~/Dropbox/Public/Shots/`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`.png && scrot -s $f && dropbox
puburl $f | tr -d '\n' | xsel -i
make a script. assign to button (
press button, select region on 2click. the shot will be captured and upload
into dropbox. on the 3-rd mouse you can insert link to it.

Re: Simple screenshooter?

55 min 36 sec ago
Replying to my own post again. Tried Python, but that required 56
lines of actual Python code and 207 lines of UI code generated by
Glade3. Decided to go with the bash script below.
msg1="Enter a file name to save the image below. \n"
msg1=$msg1"Then click the OK button. \n\n"
msg2="A window-selection cursor will appear. \n"

Simple screenshooter?

55 min 36 sec ago
Ive got a slightly-bloated LXDE install of Fedora 13 alpha to which I
would like to add a simple program (or two or even three) to capture:
1. A single window (I can do this with the script below using
2. A user-definable area of the screen
3. The whole screen
I'm trying to avoid GNOME dependencies, the 28 I have is too many.

LDC, Week 4: What is Ubuntu Minnesota?

55 min 36 sec ago
One of the things that became apparent in our recent survey is that
there are a significant number of people who aren't really sure what
"Ubuntu Minnesota" or a "LoCo" actually are, so this week I will
attempt to clarify those points and a few others. Since this also
involves our relationships with the greater Linux community locally,

Re: [NORLUG] Where can I find an online anti-virus that doesn't install on your PC?

55 min 36 sec ago
Argh, sorry guys. I've turned off new user registrations for the time
being. Ze spammers have the upper hand @ google right now apparently.


On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 10:20 AM, corbiepaolucci50351 <

Adam Gurno

Where can I find an online anti-virus that doesn't install on your PC?

55 min 36 sec ago
I've got 5 PCs that I'm trying to use to train disadvantaged young
people. The problem is they are riddled with viruses and a firewall
blocks me from updating them. The people in charge of maintaining the
PCs won't fix them or give me the admin password (Win XP) to let me
install a new or updated antivirus the centre is being shut down in a

Sorry about the spammers

55 min 36 sec ago
Hi NORLUGgers,
Sorry about the spam leaking through. It's the first time in since 2001
that it's happened. There was some caught by the filter the other day.
I'll play with the settings to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Lets get acquainted

55 min 36 sec ago
Hi to group, Im newbie here.
I will ask many questions

My webcam-profile is here

Thank you. Kiss.

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55 min 36 sec ago
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Re: [NORLUG] Anyone can debug linpus or fc startup

55 min 36 sec ago
c13 wrote:
F2 to get into the bios setup screen
F12 for screen to change boot order