About Norlug

Who are we?

We are the Northfield Linux User Group (NORLUG). We are a group of Technology and Linux enthusiasts and advocators from the Northfield, MN area. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment where people can come and learn from experienced technologists. While Linux and the free and liberated open source software (FLOSS) world is our focus, we openly welcome anyone who has a desire to learn about technology of any sort.

What do we do?

We host weekly social hack nights at local coffee shops (coffee house coders). We also organize and host technical, Linux focused meetings.

How do I join?

Membership is free! All that is required is a passion for technology. To keep up to date with us and learn about upcoming events, we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list, join our Google+ community and follow us on Twitter!

Events, News and Blog

Event - 11/26/2013

Coffee House Coders

Get together for good company, coffee and computers. Bring personal projects you are working on. It can be anything from coding, graphic design, video editing, etc as long as it's something you've been wanting to do that maybe haven't been able to find the time for. It doesn't have to be specific to Linux. Mac and Window's users won't be shunned :). Share your experiences and your knowledge. Have some coffee and talk with like minded individuals! Feel free to network, bring any jobs you know about, or people you know are looking for jobs.

Event - 12/19/2013

Planning Meeting and Pizza

Norlug will be having a planning meeting on Thursday December 19th from 7-10 (Location TBD). We will have some pizza delivered. The goal of this meeting will be to set up Norlug for a strong 2014. Check out this document with tons of current idea's. Feel free to leave comments!

News - 11/19/2013

Norlug has had a solid start so far at our weekly Coffee House Coders meetups. Thank you to all who have been able to make it out!

In preparation for the new year, we will be holding a planning meeting on December 19, Location TBD. There will be free pizza! We will be discussing several key items including technical meetings, website design and content, additional events (hackathon, release party, etc) and anything else members would like to discuss. In order to get a head count for the pizza order, please RSVP via our G+ event, our meetup event, or by replying to the mailing list.

Blog - 11/9/2013

Norlug Revival!

Norlug is undergoing a revival! Norlug was originally founded in 2001 and was active until around 2008. Activity slowed down as many of the established members had relocated. Now, several years later, it's time to revive the group! If your a former member, come by one of our meetups and reintroduce yourself. If your new, come by and see what we have to offer! Whether your a professional, a student, or just an enthusiast, there's something for everyone!

Marc Thomas

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