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We no longer offer nor maintain RPMs for any Mandrake/Mandrivia product.

NORLUG offers multiple ways to acquire our RPMs. For Red Hat Linux 7.3 RPMs, NORLUG offers a Yum repository. For manual Red Hat RPM installation, you must import the NORLUG RPM GPG Key, described in the Manual RPM Installation section. For the Mandrake Linux RPMs, it is recommended that you utilize the URPMI repositories. Please be certain to read the notes at the bottom of this page!

Choose Your RPMs:

Maintained RPMs:   Non-Maintained RPMs:  

Acquiring the Mandrake Linux RPMs via URPMI

Open up a console and become root. After which, run the following command to add the NORLUG URPMI repository to your system:

urpmi.addmedia NORLUG-10.1 \ \

Acquiring the Red Hat Linux 7.3 RPMs via Yum

Yum is an automatic updater and package installer/remover for Red Hat. In order to take advantage of our Red Hat 7.3 custom RPM Yum repository, you must install the Yum software on your system. After you install Yum, you must add our Yum respository to your /etc/yum.conf file;

Name=NORLUG custom Red Hat Linux $releasever packages

Then, you must import the NORLUG-RPM GPG Key (as root):

wget \
    ; gpg --import NORLUG_RPM_key.asc ; rm -f NORLUG_RPM_key.asc

Acquiring the Mandrake & Red Hat Linux RPMs Manually

Before you install any NORLUG RPMs, you must first import the GPG key used to sign all of our RPMS. All manually-installed RPMs can be acquired by using the RPM index links.

Import the NORLUG-RPM GPG Key:

For Mandrake 10.1:
wget \
    ; rpm --import NORLUG_RPM_key.asc ; rm -f NORLUG_RPM_key.asc
For Red Hat 7.3:
wget \
    ; gpg --import NORLUG_RPM_key.asc ; rm -f NORLUG_RPM_key.asc


RPM Support

The only support we offer for our NORLUG rpms is via an IRC channel;

Server   Channel   #norlug-rpms

DO NOT go into the #norlug IRC channel seeking support for any of our RPM offerings. The #norlug channel is not meant for this purpose! You must use the #norlug-rpms channel for support. Additionally, Do NOT subscribe/post to any NORLUG mailing lists, nor use our contact form to inquire about our custom RPMs. Again, we only offer support for our RPMs via the #norlug-rpms IRC channel.

Also, note that NORLUG does not accept individual RPM requests, so please don't contact us asking if we can build any RPMs for you. We simply don't have the time nor the bandwidth to field these types of requests.

If you are having issues downloading files;
Downloading files with CLI tools:

Many folks attempt to download our RPMs using CLI tools (such as CURL and wget), and fail. This is due to the fact that the URL needs to be contained in quotes (because of special characters in the URL). If you neglect to put the URL in quotes, the download will fail.

Error 404 - File Not Found errors;

You may encounter a 404 file not found error if the RPM mirror does not contain a newly-created/updated file. Wait a few hours and the file should then be available. Note that the mirrors sync our files at 0100, 0400, 0700, 1000, 1300, 1600, 1900, and 2200 hours, CST.

Credits and Sponsors

The existence of our RPM/URPMI/Yum repositories is due to the kind folks at DataPipe. DataPipe is a Managed Hosting Services provider. They have graciously offered server space, bandwidth, and the mirror of the NORLUG RPM/URPMI/Yum repositories. Hats off to DataPipe!