NORLUG is the Northfield Linux Users Group in Northfield, Minnesota USA - serving the entire Northfield, Faribault, and Cannon Valley areas. We are a collection of computer enthusiasts, dedicated to GNU/Linux (a powerful, free, UNIX-like operating system), Free Software and Open Source Software, as well as other related topics. Our goals are advocacy, education, support and socializing.

Pictures from the November meeting

Andy Alt was kind enough to send us three pictures from the November meeting. These came from some archaic process called 'film', which involves chemicals and dinosaurs or something.

Nov06.Pete And Steve

Nov06 Ari And Linuxmag

Nov06 Ari And Steve

Availability of Slackware 11.0 at Northfield Public Library

Updated Jan 20, 2007 - The library is suffering from a lack of space, and the Slackware discs have been sold. They'll not be appearing in the catalog. As a substitution, feel free to use a torrent client client, such as Azureus or BitTorrent for all your distro needs.

Nov 6, 2006 - The recent release of Slackware 11.0 has found its way to the Northfield Library. I'm sure that every DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 user is anxious to try it out, but please be patient - the Slackware 11.0 discs do not yet appear in the Northfield Library catalog.

While you are waiting, you may view the results from the SELCO catalog regarding the subject of Linux.

Mailing List Migrated

We've migrated the mailing list today, from our internally, "Mailman"-hosted server, to Google Groups. Now there's searchable and RSS-able yummy-ness in the new list archives.

The transition was pretty transparent to the subscribers. Those who were subscribed to the old list, should have received an email about the new list. However, no one really needs to do anything differently.

Linux Reality

The following text is an excerpt from a post by Grant to the mailing list.
I have two things to share with you this morning. The first is an excellent podcast I've discovered that deals with all things Linux and most things FOSS. Each episode tends to be in the neighborhood of thirty to forty-five minutes, and the host talks about all kinds of things from file system structure and how to use cron to compiling from source. It's called Linux Reality, it's geared at the beginning to intermediate Linux user, and it can be found at

Job Posting

Posted: June 28, 2006 Here's what the text of the email read:

This is a data specialist position, looking for someone who can work with a variety of databases in a communications setting, and can learn more and grow to be able to trouble-shoot/advise others. We do a lot of consulting around a college admissions data/communications management program called Recruitment Plus. It?s a pretty entry-level position.

Full job decsription (PDF)
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