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NORLUG Mailing List

Before you subscribe to the mailing list, it is imperative that you review NORLUG's mailing list policies described below.

Do NOT subscribe/post to the NORLUG mailing lists to inquire about our custom RPMs. We offer no support for our RPMs, and will answer no questions regarding them! Read the RPM Notes for info!

Authentication Required

NORLUG has a facility implemented in which protects the mailing lists from forbidden automated and rogue subscriptions. In order to have the mailing list/subscription information yielded, you must enter the random passcode that is displayed below.

Passcode shown above:

List Rules and Basic List Etiquette

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of everything you can and cannot do on the list. We just want to foster a friendly, clean, good-natured environment for everyone, especially those who are new to the Free Software/GNU Linux experience.

Generally speaking, though, our list etiquette is pretty much the same as most other lists. A Google search will turn up guidelines for many other lists.


NEVER EVER send attachments to the mailing list. EVER! Only PGP signatures are allowed as attachments. Please abide by this rule!

Email format

When posting to the list, you should post in plain-text format only. This means no HTML and no images. If you would like to post something involving either, we recommend that you include a URL in your post directing users to those materials.

Use 80 character lines! Messages with lines greater than 80 characters are unsightly and hard to read for most of us. Make sure you use less than 80 characters per line in your messages, especially if you're using a Windows mail client.


We generally prefer in-line quoting, which is quoted text followed by the response. For a multi-point post, there should be multiple quoted portions, each followed by a response. Top-quoting should be avoided, as well as posting responses without quoting the referenced text.


If you are not responding to a particular section, please trim that portion of the quotation, unless it provides context. In particular, please trim the list footer from your reply. It automatically will be re-added when your message passes through the listserv.

Me too

You may agree with much of the material coming across this list, but please refrain from replying to an email simply to add a simple "Me too" or "I agree" unless you have additional information to add to the discussion. The only exception to this is during group polling or election nominations when a second to a nomination is needed.

Read the whole thread

If you check your email (and/or the archives), and there are several posts in a thread, please read the entire thread before replying. It may be that a solution has already been found. If you feel like flaming, it may be that the person has already been flamed and has apologized for their mistake. There is little more frustrating than being flamed, apologizing, and then being re-flamed by someone who hasn't read the thread to the end.


If you are hosting your own email, please ensure that your system clock is in sync with the rest of the world. At the very least, it should reflect a time no longer than 24 hours apart from Central Standard Time. There are numerous utilities which can be installed in a cron job to sync your time once a day (e.g. netdate, ntpdate).

Off topic posts

Our list can be very busy at times, so when posting a question which is not on-topic, but may be of considerable interest to a portion of the group (e.g. Windows questions, ham radio, etc.), please post to the OFF-TOPIC mailing list.

Appropriate posts

  • Personal arguments do not belong on the list. If you feel it is necessary to attack others, please do so in private email.
  • Please do NOT post anything that you would be embarrassed to have law officials read. All of our list traffic is archived publicly and can be accessed by anyone.
On Topic

As the subject comes up regularly, all open source software is on topic on this list.


No. Never. Seriously, if you want to plug your own business, do it in your footer and do not post ONLY for the benefit of your footer. I think you'll find that goodwill goes further than any attempted advertising. And please keep your footers to a reasonable length (no more than 4 or 5 lines).

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to a private warning, public warning, moderation of your posts or even expulsion from the lists depending on the frequency and severity of the list rule violations.

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