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Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

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"Is a NORLUG membership free? How do I join?"

Yes, a NORLUG member ship is FREE and you can join by completing and submitting a NORLUG Membership Registration Form.

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"Where do you hold meetings - when are they?"

Formal meetings are held every first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM CST. The formal meetings are held at badbrain computers. The address is 400 Washington St. Northfield, MN 55057. Other informal meetings and workshops are announced on our Mailing List.

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"I need Linux/Open Source software help! What can I do?"

We have many members that are eager to help you. You can easily head on over to our Mailing List section and post your question there. Feel free to drop in our IRC chat room where you may be afforded immediate help from one of our members. You should also search your best new friend, Google Groups.

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"I am not a user of Linux, or I use Linux, but am also interested in other UNIX-like/Open Source operating systems. Am I still welcome to join NORLUG and discuss these topics?"

Although our group name embodies "Linux", which is our main area of focus, some of us also use other UNIX-like/Open Source operating systems. Please do feel welcome as a part of NORLUG if you use another UNIX-like/Open Source operating system besides Linux.

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"I want to get my machine installed with Linux. Can you help me?"

NORLUG hosts regularly scheduled Installfests, which enables you to bring your computer(s) to an event with volunteers who can assist you with the installation of Linux. If you are impatient, and/or don't want to wait until the next installfest, you are more than welcome to send a post to our mailing list, and ask the members if they would be willing to help you during the next/upcoming formal meeting.

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"I am a user of NORLUG's Custom RPMs. Some RPMs don't work for me or broke my system! How can I get support?"

NORLUG members create RPMs for our own systems, and make them available to the public. NORLUG does not support these RPMs, nor do the NORLUG members that create them. They are "as-is" RPMs, with no guarantee that they will work for you, and no guarantee that they will not have negative effects on your system. Please do not contact NORLUG for custom RPM support. Download the Source RPM and build it yourself. A lot of the time, some specfile/patch tweaking will make it work for you.

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"Can I get a free NORLUG shell/email/web account?"

Yes! To sign up, you need to be a registered member, and also be sure to read the By-Laws (especially Article I. Section 3.). If you are a member and in good status, you can request an account be setup for you by using our Membership Form. Your account will be created within 72 hours, and all relevant info will be emailed to you. Do be aware that this is a local user group, and is not intended for foreign membership. Thus, requests for user accounts/memberships outside of the US will be ignored.

Note: In order to receive a NORLUG server user account, you must read, agree to, and comply with the NORLUG Acceptable Usage Policies (AUP). The request of a user account formally denotes your acceptance of the AUP.

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"I keep getting SSL errors when accessing NORLUG's secure web services/IMAP/webmail server! Why?"

This is because NORLUG uses it's own CA (certificate authority) for generating and signing SSL certificates. Please refer to the NORLUG Root CA page in order to understand our SSL certs, and how to install them.

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"I use MSIE, and this site looks plain. But my buddy uses Firefox/Opera/Safari/etc., and the site looks great! What gives?"

Because MSIE has very limited support for PNG and W3C standards/specifications, CSS is ignored when using MSIE. However, users of MSIE will find this site very readable and navigable due to how nicely the site degrades, thanks to the implementation of said standards/specifications, and the fact that no proprietary markup was used in the creation of the site. MSIE users: Don't complain. Get a real browser and enjoy the web for what it was meant to be...not what a single, monopolistic corporation (read: Microsoft) thinks it should be.

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