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My old PGP/GPG Public Key expired on 11-30-2003. PLEASE make certain you import my new GPG Public Key. Also note that all of my RPMs are signed with my GPG key. All RPMs as of 11-30-2003 have been re-signed with my new GPG Public Key. Thanks.
The new Mandrake 9.2 URPMI repository is now up and running. Head on over to the RPMs page for more information. Also, note that the Mandrake 9.1 RPMs are no longer maintained, but the Red Hat 7.3 RPMs are still being actively maintained.

NORLUG offers free shell/homepage/email accounts to its members - so here is my page. Clean, simple, and perhaps boring to some. Do I care? Nope. But this is my small personal domicile, and I like it here :-)
I recommend you peruse the links menu on the left. I offer a few local resources, and a few cool links. If you are looking for my famous non-NORLUG page, it's <http://www.frozenblue.net>.
My pages are widely known for the software I offer. I build custom RPMs for both Red Hat and Mandrake GNU/Linux systems. All of the RPMS I build, I make available to the public for downloading - here on this site. I also write other small programs, most of which can also be found here on this site.
My role
I am currently the NORLUG sysadmin and VP. All NORLUG Internet services are hosted and managed by me. I am also the NORLUG webmaster. If you live in the Northfield/Cannon Valley area, you should check out NORLUG.
Official NORLUG-related business correspondence should be sent using my separate NORLUG VP PGP Public Key.
My contact and finger info
Please finger me if you need to get my PGP/Contact info. My email address is contained in my public key. As you can see, I prefer private, encrypted email.


These pages are all valid XHTML 1.1, and are quite light in weight. All pages were written in Vim, and were written in order to be viewed perfectly in ANY browser, including text browsers - such as Links/Lynx/Elinks,etc. The fonts used in these pages are your everyday sans-serif varieties.

The color scheme that these pages use is designed to be easy on the eyes. Being that I do most of my real hacking at night, after the kids are in bed, I designed the site to not blind you (and myself) in darkness. The color scheme is remnant of Segfault's (if you are old enough to remember).

The images used on these pages are all PNG types. They may look suboptimal in the 4.x series of browsers, as PNG was not fully supported back then. If you are using a 4.x graphical browser, get with the times, please.

Like the software I write or maintain, I tend to be rather strict about keeping changelogs. The same applies to my websites and homepage. I like to keep changelog for both myself and the the public to view:
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