Proposed NORLUG posters

"If I can do it, it's not Art" - Red Green


This is a Grant creation, after I prodded the list for Carleton vs. St. Olaf posters.

Another one from Grant. I really like this one, the first two lines pack a punch.

Eh, I don't know how well 'Wind0z3 sUxx!!1' humor plays with other people but most of it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And I created the damn thing.

Oh, well.

This is a modified version of the original 'Virus' poster, with the beer references changed to make it possible to post in high schools. 'Quake' isn't nearly as good of a punchline, but it'll (slightly) mollify the 'Won't somebody think of the children!' crowd.

The original one that I made. I still like this one the best.

Another one by Grant. Looking at this one right now, I'd move the 'Interested?' up about a half line. Other than that, perfect.

Ah, the virus one. Very relevant at the time, when people were dealing with the fallout from the latest Outlook-insanity-of-the-moment, the real name of which escapes me. In the HS version, I updated the last line to mention Linux, which was almost completely missing from this one. I'll have to update this someday...

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