Wood Casemod


This is a very simple casemod, using a VIA EPIA Eden 5000, a small, fan-less x86 motherboard. It's got a 55W fanless PS, so other than the sound of the HD spinning and writing, it's silent. The dimensions of the box is approx. 10"x4.75"x9" (W, H, D) The box is a cheap-o wooden box (thin wood exterior over cardboard(!), so it's very light.

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Here you can see the outside of the box. It's a very plain brown box. No glass, no lights, nothing.

A peek inside shows some wiring and my HD. The nice thing about this particular box is that there are two levels to it - there's a removable tray that sits about 3" off the floor of the box. It's perfect for an HD. I cut a hole into it to pass the wires through.

A slightly blurry photo showing that the box is 10" wide.

Hard to see, but the box is 8" deep.

Another 3/4 view of the box.

The box in the bigger collection of servers and whatnot for the house. The big pink box is the firewall - an old beige tank that I decided was too boring.

The new wood box case will be moving to my desktop soon - for now it's staying on the shelf.

A little out of order, but the box is only 4.75" tall.

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