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Linux Documentation Project Information:

  • Various Language-specific HOWTOs are are available, as well as HOWTO translations.
  • Installation and Getting Started Guide translations.
  • The Linux Network Administrators' Guide translations.
  • The Linux Users' Guide translations.
  • Linux man Pages translations.


  • Albanian Linux Portal, Siti i parë në shqip kushtuar Linux. News, documentations, forums.


  • Arabeyes Project, a Meta project that is aimed at fully supporting the Arabic language in the Unix/Linux environment. Designed to be a central location to standardize the Arabization process.
  • Linux in Arabic, How to setup your linux box in arabic; has links to arabic apps.
  • Arabic Linux Project, Goals: console support, XTerm support, X support, Codepages, bidi engine, fonts, keyboard, printing, etc.


  • Azerbaijani Linux Users Group (Azärbaycanín Linux Ýstifadäciläri Qrupu sähifäsi)


  • Udruzenje Linux Korisnika Bosne i Hercegovine (Linux Users Group of Bosnia and Herzegovina).
  • Udruzenje Linux Korisnika Zenice, Linux User Group Of Znica
  • HOWTO sekcija - LUGBiH, documents of translated HOWTOs in the Bosnian language, or those written by members of Bosnian LUG.
  • Udruzenje Linux Korisnika Zenice, Misc. Linux documents or HOWTOs translated in Bosnian language, or documents written by members of LugZe.


  • DNS HOWTO in Bulgarian.
  • Printing-HOWTO and some additional information in Bulgarian.


  • Chinese LDP, with translations and information.
  • Chinese Linux Extensions, a collection of Chinese-related software.


  • Croatian Linux User Group, The central Linux site in Croatia (Hrvatska).
  • Linux dokumentacija na hrvatskom, Croatian Linux documentation, includes the translations of Linux FAQ, many HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs, and more.
  • Debian 2.2 KAKO za neznalice 


  • Czech Linux Homepage, includes the monthly magazine Linuxove noviny.
  • Index of Czech documentation about Unix (including Linux).
  • Czech GNU page.
  •, a Czech linux news server. Daily news about Linux, open source, free software.
  • Bradley Translations, provides translations from & into Czech & English.


  • Linux - friheden til at vælge, a book on Linux.


  • Linux Homepage in the Netherlands.
  • Linux documentatie
  • Handleiding Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 covers basic knowledge, installation and usage of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
  • Nederlandse Linux.
  • Nederlandse Linux Documentatie Project.
  • Linux: de PC als Unix-workstation, a Dutch book on Linux.
  • LINUXONLY, Dutch Linux site.
  • NLLINUX.NL: De Nederlandse Linux Site, Dutch Linux site with links, ducumentatie, boeken, and more.


  • Eesti Koolide Server.


  • Project Finnish manpages.


  • Kheops Linux site, with links to information and translations of Linux documentation.
  • French Linux documentation.
  •, a service to help promote Linux in Quebec, Canada.
  • Freenix: le système d'exploitation Linux.
  • Linux France.
  • Guide du ROOTard.
  • HOWTO translations.
  • Pages de manuel pour Linux, etc.
  • L'Echo de LINUX.
  • Linux Homepage.
  • Linux Gazette - Version française.
  • Da Linux French Page!, has news and updates.
  • Introduction à qmail.
  • News LinuxFrench.NET, news, projects, forums.
  •, Traductions de pages de manuel, documentations, trucs et astuces, liens, nouvelles autour de logiciels Linux.


  • Proxecto Trasno, a project for translating GNU/Linux into Galician.


  • Linux Anwenderhandbuch, an online guide to the Linux system.
  • The Deutsches Linux HOWTO Project.
  • Linux Verband LIVE, an organization which promotes Linux for commercial use, and protects its free availability.
  • - Das deutsche Linux-Portal: Suchmaschine, Shop, Bücher,...
  • S.u.S.E. Support-Datenbank.
  • Winfried Trümpers Linux-Seite (u. a. mit dem Crash-Kurs Linux).
  • Linuxfabrik, SAP R/3 & Linux.
  • - Hier gibt es die deutsche Übersetzung der Linux Gazette.
  • Deutschsprachige Linux User FAQ, deutschsprachiger Linux Site zum Mitmachen.
  • Linux Power, Dedicated to beginners; a lot of very useful Workshops. Your first questions about Linux may be answered in our FAQ. Our Forum/Board-Members will try to help you with any problem you encounter. The official German MandrakeUser-Forum.
  • - FAQs.
  • CHUPAME, Linux - Installation/Grundlage, Konfiguration, Netzwerk, Anwendung, Server sowie Linux-Zertifizierung.
  • Manfred Heyen's Homepage - Linux!, articles/information in English and German.
  • LinuxSearch, Die grosse Linuxsuchmaschine!
  • Linux - Wegweiser für Netzwerker, The German translation of the "Network Administrator's Guide".
  • linux dsl router konfiguration redhat, Anleitung zur Konfiguration eines redhat linux dsl-Routers mit Firewall mit Kernel 2.4.x und Diskussionsforen.
  • Das deutsche Linuxportal, Ein überschaubares Spektrum an ausgesuchter und aktueller Dokumentation zu Linux in Deutscher Sprache. Howto's, man pages, apropos Suche, Online Bücher und weiterführende Links.
  • Linux Newbie Portal
  • SelfLinux, Hier eine Dokumentation für Linux.
  • Das Linuxhandbuch (deutsch), Linux Guide in German - PDF (~300 pages); describes use, administration, advanced topics for Linux newbies, semi-profs and all other interested people.Based on SuSE 8.1 as reference distribution.
  • Linux Informations Zentrum LIZ, Das Zentrum für Informationen rund um Linux.


  • The Penguin, an Israeli Linux Site that focuses on Hebrew documentation.
  • Whatsup - Linux Hebrew Portal, a Slashdot-like Hebrew news site about Linux.
  • IGLU - Israeli Group Of Linux Users, official website.

Hellenic (Greek):

  • Linux for Greeks - it will all seem like Greek to you.
  • Hellenic Documentation (greek).
  • Hellenic Documentation (greeklish).
  • HELLUG, the official Hellenic Linux User Group site, with lots of links and Greek projects.
  • HELLUG hosted pages.
  • HELLUG projects.
  • Linux Banner X-Change.
  • LUGistics.
  • Magaz.
  • EEEA, a funny, anti-Microsoft, fully-Linux support site.


  • Hungarian Linux User's Group (HuLUG).
  • Hungarian Linux-HOWTOs - translated HOWTOs.
  • LinuxBázis, Linux news and links.


  • Indonesian Linux Documentation Project.
  • Selamat Datang di site Linux Indonesia, also has the Indonesian FAQ and translations.
  • Proyek Penerjemahan ke Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Translation Project).
  • KDE/ SuSE Indonesian Translation Project.
  • A few Linux articles in Indonesian.


  • LUGBari
  • Linux Gazette Edizione Italiana.
  • Italian Linux Documentation Project (ILDP).
  • Linux FAQ & News in Italian.
  • Appunti Linux.
  • Linux Facile - Italian manual on GNU/Linux.
  • Traduzione del file Changes - Linux kernel 2.4.x.
  •, Linux security & networking (news, guides, faqs, ...).
  • GaPiL, Guida alla Programmazione in Linux. Under development.


  • Linux-Nihongo, a document on adding Japanese support to Linux systems.
  • Japan Linux Users Group (JLUG).
  • Linux JF (Japanese FAQ) Project.
  • JM Project (Japanese Manpages), large collection of Linux manpages translated into Japanese.


  • Korean Linux Users Group.
  • Korean Linux Documentation Project.
  • Korean Manpage Project, collection of Linux manpages translated into Korean.


  • Dzoka Linux, Info about Linux in Latvian from Dzoka - Linux consultant.


  • Malaysian Linux User Group.


  • Linux Norge.


  • Polish translations of Linux documentation.
  • LinuxPlus, a Polish monthly Linux magazine.
  • Linux News site
  • Polish translations, including the Linux Programmers Guide and the System Administration Guide
  • .
  • The Polish Man Translation Project.


  • Projeto de Documentação do Linux - Brasil.
  • Gazeta do Linux, Portuguese translation of the Linux Gazette.
  • The Linux Manual.
  • AnO 2001 Linux Page.
  • Linux Dragon Cyber Space has many HOWTO translations and information.
  • Esforço de Internacionalização do Linux, has the LIE-BR translations.
  • Projecto Português de Documentação do Linux, a project to produce Linux documentation in the Portuguese language, hosting both original docs as well as translations.
  • documentation in Portuguese; a project of DoiDao (gil).
  • MILITUX, site da Campanha MILITUX. Com muita documentação em português/inglês.
  • Bem vindo ao Mundo de GNU/LINUX.


  • Romanian Linux Project, contains Romanian documentation about Linux.
  • A translation of Patrick D'Cruze's Linux Promotion Project Brochure.


  •, Russian up-to-date translations of Linux manpages, HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs from the LDP.
  • Nexus NDG LINUX Page.
  •, has a lot of good information.
  • Linux in Ukraine, has some translations and general Linux information.
  • manpages-ru : Russian translation of Linux manpages.
  • RU.LINUX, a FAQ collection that discusses the Cyrillic language and localisation issues.
  • Linux.Ru.Net, information about Linux in Russian: news, forums, documentation (LDP & more), chat's, etc.
  • Linux System Administrator's Guide (Ukrainian Translation).


  • Kompjuter biblioteka Cacak, YU izdavac kompjuterske literature od 1986. godine. Pokrenuta edicija Linux knjiga: Red Hat Linux 6 - Brzo i lako, Linux Administracija, Linux programiranje - Osnove.
  • Linux Srbija, Linux news, programs, how-to, dewelopment...
  • Linux Yugoslavia Online, Linux for newbies, linux magazine...
  • KDE Yugoslavia, KDE download and translation to Serbian language.


  •, A Linux-related site for beginner Linux user in Singapore and the South East Asia region.


  • Slovenian LDP, with translations and local information.
  • Slovenian Linux Installation And Getting Started Manual


  • INSFLUG, The main/central Howto Spanish translation effort coordination Group.
  • Official Spanish man page translation project (PAMELI).
  • The LuCAS Project, is working on Spanish documentation and translations.
  • Linux Users Group Argentina.
  • Linux Users Group Chile.
  • Linux Users Group Costa Rica.
  • Linux Users Group Cuba.
  • Linux Users Group México.
  • Linux Users Group Uruguay.
  • Grupo de Usuarios Linux de Venezuela.
  • Spanish Linux Homepage.
  • LinuxSite México has lots of information, mailing lists, archives and links.
  • Centro LINUX de la Universidad del Valle, provides Linux information and monthly articles.
  • Angel Negro, has some guides and tutorials.
  • Guia del enROOTador, a Spanish translation of the French Guide du Rootard.
  • Pàgina principal de GLUB, has lots of information.
  • Links to Spanish Linux information at SLUG's Linux Page.
  • Linux Fiesta for Linux news, resources, and commerce.
  • La Gaceta de Linux, Spanish edition of online magazine Linux Gazette (Edicion en Español de Linux Gazette).
  • Iskariote, El grupo de usuario Linux diferente.
  • GULCO (LUG Corrientes), El sitio de los linuxeros de Corrientes-Argentina. Promocion e insercion de Linux y su filosofia. Proyectos e ideas. Linux y el MERCOSUR. GNU-Linux y las PYMES.
  •, Linux y todo lo que quieras saber sobre él.


  • Svenska Linux.
  • Introduktion till GNU/Linux, a book on Linux and C programming.
  • The Swedish Linux Project is working on Swedish translations of Linux documentation.
  • WWW.LINUX.NU: Läsa nyheter.


  • Tamil Linux Project, the starting point for all resources related to Linux, Open Source and Tamil.
  • Tamil Computing and Linux, a site dedicated to make a working Tamil Linux System.


  • Linux Thai Project.


  • Türkiye Linux Kullanýcýlarý Grubu.
  • Turkish Linux Documentation Project.
  • Turkish Documentation Project, contains both translated LDP HOWTOs and HOWTOs originally written in the Turkish language.
  • LKG Kahramanmaras Linux Kullanicilar Grubu.


  • Linux Vietnam Project, a team developing support for keyboard, installation and distribution with Vietnamese interface.
  • Vietnamese Linux Users Group.
  • KDE-i18n-vn Project.


  • Linux in Walloon.
  • Linux djåze vosse lingaedje.


  • A list of world-wide Linux Users Groups.
  • LinuxFocus, a free multilingual online magazine for the Linux community.
  • Kings English, a translation and tuition service. Visit the site and see the client list.

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