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LDP Weekly News

by David Merrill 

New Documents

Updated Documents

  • Antares-RAID-sparcLinux-HOWTO
    Version 0.1, Carl Munio (Author), Jim Ludemann (Author), Thom Coates (Author)

  • Automount mini-HOWTO
    Version 1.5.2, Rahul Sundaram (Author)

  • C++ Programming HOW-TO
    Version 42.3, Al Dev (Author)

  • Latvian HOWTO
    Version 1.5, Artis Trops (Author)

  • Linux Swap Space Mini-HOWTO
    Version 1.5, Rahul Sundaram (Maintainer)

    Version 27.0, Al Dev (Author)

  • PLIP Install HOWTO
    Version 1.40, Gilles Lamiral (Author)

  • The Linux Gamers HOWTO
    Version 0.9.16, Peter Jay Salzman (Author)

  • The Linux Installation HOWTO
    Version 5.7, Eric S. Raymond (Author)

  • Vim Color Editor HOW-TO (Vi Improved with syntax color highlighting)
    Version 18.1, Al Dev (Author)

Unmaintained Documents

These documents have been abandoned by their maintainers and many of them have not been updated in some time. If you're willing to become the maintainer for one of them, please join the LDP discussion list at and post a message indicating your interest.

  • Battery Powered Linux Mini-HOWTO
    Version ?

  • Brief Introduction to Alpha Systems and Processors
    Version 0.11

  • Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO
    Version 0.2

  • HOW-TO for inHouse IntraNet
    Version ?

  • Installing Linux on ZIP disk using ppa ZIP Drive Mini-Howto
    Version 0.7

    Version 2.1

  • Linux Benchmarking HOWTO
    Version 0.12

  • Linux Threads Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Version ?

  • Linux simple fax printer server mini-HOWTO (faxsrv-mini-HOWTO)
    Version 1.0

  • NFS-Root Mini-Howto
    Version 8

  • News Leafsite mini-HOWTO
    Version 0.4

  • SoundBlaster AWE 32/64 HOWTO
    Version 1.2

  • Spanish Linux HOWTO
    Version 0.1

  • The Ftape FAQ
    Version 0.2

  • The Hebrew HOWTO
    Version 0.4

  • The LBX Mini-HOWTO
    Version 1.04

  • The Linux ""Linux-DOS-Win95-OS2"" mini-HOWTO
    Version 1.3.1

  • The Linux 3Dfx HOWTO
    Version 1.16

  • The Linux Busmouse HOWTO
    Version 2.0

  • The Linux Intranet Server HOWTO
    Version 2.12

  • The dosemu HOWTO
    Version ?

    Version 1.2

  • Visible bell mini-Howto
    Version 2.3

  • X11-big-cursor MINIHOWTO
    Version 2

  • mini-HOWTO install qmail with MH
    Version 1.4

About the LDP

The Linux Documentation Project is developing free, high quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. This includes the creation of HOWTOs and Guides, and collaboration with other documentation groups.

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