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Posted February 11th, 2006 @ 10:50 AM CST

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Installfest Preparation

The following is a list of what to do before coming to an Installfest. Items marked in red are required.

  1. Read the and PRINT release form (here) which you will be asked to sign when you arrive at the Installfest.
  2. REGISTER with NORLUG using the Installfest Registration Form. Those who show up to the Installfest without registering will not be helped by any officially designated installer (unless some nice soul decides to help you).
  3. Back up any important data on your hard disk! There is a chance that you can lose some or all of your data and programs when trying to install Linux, or even while transporting your computer to and from the Installfest!
  4. If you plan to partition (divide) your hard disk, so that you can share (dual-boot) the disk between another Operating System (like Windows) and Linux, run a disk error-checking tool and then a disk defragmenter immediately prior to coming. (Note: Defragmenting a drive can take a long time, especially if you have a large hard disk with lots of data. We suggest you run the defragmenter overnight, the night before the Installfest.)
    We also recommend that you review this article if you plan on dual-booting Fedora Core 2 and Windows (or any other distro using the 2.6 Linux Kernel in conjunction with Windows).
  5. Be prepared for a traveling environment. (What if it rains? Bring plastic covers to protect your hardware!)

Installers are asked to keep track of what they do to your computer using a simple Installation Log.