Cron: pinging hosts

Simple hacks like this one can be quite useful…

I realised a while ago that it would be a useful thing to check, occasionally, that all the machines I’m responsible for are still up. (This helps to minimise those embarrassing “Oh, I didn’t know there was anything wrong with it” conversations.).

Thus, the following pretty basic perl script, which I run from /etc/crontab on my own desktop every couple of hours:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# - run from crontab
use strict;
use Net::Ping;
use Net::SMTP;
sub sendmail;
my $ping  = Net::Ping->new();
my $email = '';
my @host_array = qw/host1 host2 serverA serverB/;
my $hosts_down = "";
foreach my $host (@host_array) {
    unless ($ping->ping($host)) {
        $hosts_down .= "$host ";
sendmail() if ($hosts_down ne "");
sub sendmail()
    # email to me
    my $s = Net::SMTP->new('');
    $s->data("Subject: Host(s) down: $hosts_down","\n","\n");

Source: “Cron: pinging hosts” — Linux DevCenter

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